Princess Leah’s Angels (English post)

Princess Leah Lucia Rachel Esquenazi

Long time ago, in a Country far, far away…
(Prepare yourself, this is a loooong and emotional post)

Note: the ‘italic’ text is ‘me’ thinking to myself. 🙂

In fact it was not so long time ago. But the Country is far away from mine.

I read a post from Mand’alor Novall Tallon telling Mercs donated some amount to DSB’s daughter fund.  “What is it?”, but sure, I didn’t say this way. I asked about it and Falin Skirata answered telling about it. “Where is it?”, I asked and he gave me the link of Princess Leah Diaries.

And so, that’s how everything began and Leah entered into my life and I started a cruzade with other virtual friends to help this little one.

Baby Leah, or, Princess Leah as she is worldwide known now (you’ll know below why) is 4 months old. 55 days now in the Intensive Care Unit. I won’t tell more here because this will be repetitive as you can Google ‘Princess Leah’ and you’ll find LOTS of pages talking about her now. And believe me, we (everyone involved on the process) were working hard to do it until someone who I don’t recall the name (Diane? Damn lack of memory) now could get the attention of KTLA tv which picked up the story and aired an spot about it last week, with Zev “DeltaSquadBoss” and Francesca “Cmdr Foxy” Esquenazi (the parents) talking about the problem.

Leah has a misterious illness. 40 Doctors, many tests, analysis and etc and nobody does not know what her problem is.

You cannot cure what you don’t know, right? So, they are treating the symptoms while doing their best to find the cause of this little one issues.

Backing to when Falin sent me the link, I read the blog and I remembered the very first two days of Laura. She had respiratory issues when she was born and she spent two days in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Those two damn it days came back to my mind while I was reading again the blog. The parents were there (at that time) almost 44 days, I guess. My heart got that hard pain from two days and multiplied by 40 (easier to round things when calculating). Tears rolling into my eyes, I called my cousin, Laura’s father and told about the story. And later, when my sister arrived home, I told her too. We three discussed about Leah during the supper. “A children should never suffer like that. Parents should never have to pass through this…”, my sis said. I had to agree with her.

She promptly donated to Princess Leah Donation page created by Jason “Skygunbro” Watson. But this was not enough to me.

Almost 6 years ago, my father passed away. He spent almost 60 days in coma. Just to resume, I had experienced enough time at one ICU to understand Leah’s parents situation. The ‘alarm’ thing coming from those machines, the numbers there… that beep sounding… No, it was not enough for me donate money. I need to do something else…

But what can I do from here? They are there far above in the USA and here I am, down in Brazil.

Sent Leah’s name to my Reiki group. Yes, nice thing! The group is sending Reiki to her, this helps a lot.
Share Falin’s props raffle link and Jason’s donation page link. Sure, what Star Wars fan wouldn’t like to joint that raffle? More than 30 prizes (at that time, now they are more than 40, I gues)… Great! Few friends donate too, awesome!

What else…? Hm… If I just could gather many people to pray for her. A kind of group to create a chain of good vibration and energies to give support to the parents and sure, the baby. Nobody thinks about the parents at first. We think about the baby. Everybody will be praying for the baby, but whomelse will support the parents? Oh, they have relatives for sure. But I’m not their relative and I want to help.

A quick talking to Falin about my idea and he suggested me to ask Boss, or better, Zev (Leah’s father) about it.

We exchanged few messages and some clicks later, ‘Princess Leah’ group was born. Closed at first, to keep Esquenazi family safe, few people were invited, another few joined. When we were about 37 guess I think the engines started, people using network (Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Telephone…). We opened the group to allow more people join and help spread the word. So came the KTLA tv… And everything started pop around, replicated, shared and whatever.

Great! We got the attention we wanted, maybe now some Doctor can see her problem and help find the cure.

The family faced some security issues so we closed the group again. Now, new membership is not allowed, just by indication of some member or if we can track the proper link between the people and one of the parents/friends/member of the group.

I noticed today (thinking about all good things the group could get for Leah and her parents) that’s the second time in my life I’m involved in something really good, gathering many people to focus in a positive manner to help someone in need.

During my life I was member of or created many groups inside the fandom (Star Wars and Lord of the Rings were the ones where I’m more experienced, but I was also part of a James Bond staff group). I always donated my time, efforts, actions and things to make these groups grow up, get the properly attention, help them creating and organizing events for them. Just to see other fans like me smiling with something I would like to join and have fun with. This brings lot of trouble, friendships broken or hard discussions with good friends, nights working to reach the deadline of one event… and etc.

One thing that I always wanted to do as a member of a group is helping people. Some of the groups which I’m member of give me this opportunity when costuming for charity. These are the actions I like most than others. I was always proud of being member of these groups because of their charity purposes.

Now, I’m member of something bigger: about 170 some people together working to help and support Esquenazi family. And it’s not bigger because of the number of people involved, but because it’s a REAL cause. It’s not related to that egoic thing that reaches most of costume clubs and makes people act as if they were the best because of the costumes they own,  forgetting the real purpose behind the costume: charity.

Leah is teaching me lots of lessons. Giving the proper importance and put efforts into what is really important and worths most. She is teaching me to put the priorities on their properly places, give just the enough importance to things, evaluate my life, what I’m doing here and what I can do for others. But I think the most important lesson she taught me at all is that there are good people in the world, who can do amazing things together “just” because of a little girl which ‘almost all of them’ just saw by picture. Leah, you are showing me that the World is not lost at all! There’s people who wants to make it better, and awesome, they have kids and probably, they are educating their children to be as good as they are. And so, we’ll have more good people in the World and maybe… one day things will be better for everybody. Even if I won’t be here to witness it. Thank you Leah. I really had lost my faith in the human kind, in the world. But you made me change my mind. All I can do in exchange, is what I’m doing for you, for your parents. And I would do more if I could, really. But I’m also learning with you that I need to give one step at time, tomorrow is another day, one day each time. It does not matter how much time I take to, but I will reach the target.

Thank you, little one. If Princess Leah’s Angels exist, it’s because you made me think that I could do something bigger than just ‘pray’ for you. You made me think that I can make the difference when I thought I had nothing new to see but just live my life.

And this is really important for someone like me, but one day I tell you.
(And I know Ginger or someone else will pick all my mistakes and help me to correct this post… *smile*)

Frani, Zev and Leah (picture by Anabel Caldera)


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