Things are going fine.

The World Cup and a lot of job caused several extra hours had kept me busy during these last weeks.


As I wake up very early, I arrive home really tired.

The therapist said that this happens due to my personal rhythm in these last two years.

I used to work at home, waking up late and going to bed late too.

Now, I need to adequate my rhythm to my new “life” outside home. And it will take sometime.

And I’m not patient enough to wait and so, here I am, really upset and angry because I cannot stay awake after 21h.

If I do, I wake up feeling really tired in the next morning. I feel like I’m really older. Blargh!


I’m missing a lot my friends at Forumania.

But I don’t have enough time to enter there and have fun. Today, I could just check two threads and I could see how much I miss that place.

I’m thinking about to “be there” on Sunday anyway.


About MySpace, I definitely don’t like it. But my favourite artists (Magne and Savoy) are there. It’s a good way to see what they are doing.

And there is also Adele, that is not at Forumania anymore. There are other friends that post there, but I really don’t have time to check all their blogs. I would like very much to do it. But with such few free time, I need to priorize things. And I don’t like this. I feel as I’m always neglecting someone.


I’m missing to write too. I know and I’m really proud to be a “Bard”, but I need to “use” this gift more often.

I need to leave my Awen comes and flow in words. I love to write and I’m also neglecting this to myself.


I’m not sure, but I have the feeling that things are happening and I don’t have enough time to deal with them and I fear to be loosing something.


I feel the symptoms of depression almost everyday. The feeling that nothing worths and the wish to be in my bed the whole day are really present. But, I “don’t have time” for it, so I leave the bed behind and go to work. The feeling is always there, it hurts a little bit. And I pretend it’s not there and that everything is all right.




The good point is that I’m so tired when I arrive home, that I can get sleep really quickly.

So, no problems to sleep.


The winter arrived. I’m really happy with this. I like cold weather. Temperatures around 10ºC are really nice for me.


The only thing that bothers me, is this feeling inside the breast. It’s a kind of agony or so, that makes me sigh and miss something that I cannot define.

Time to go…




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