How the hell could you lie?
I see, I cannot believe and I cry
Why do the things need to be this way?
Just because everything can be bright or grey?

Humans of flesh and blood we are
We make mistakes all the time
Can’t you see this thing will tear us apart?
I couldn’t expect such thing from a friend of mine

Ok, let’s thing flow and go
But things will never be the same, no!
I always was honest and completely true
But the same didn’t happened from you

I’m really sad, but there’s nothing I can do
You can even didn’t notice what you did to me
The things will be like they have to be
But for sure, they will never be the same… no…



Small seed, part of life
Little star that comes so bright
A man and a woman, it’s done
In a very fast moment, here you come

We cannot see you yet, but you are there
You coming to spread happiness to everywhere
Little breath of life coming from inside
A new life created and that must be guided

Come on, Little one, we are waiting for you
You make some of our dreams come true
Prince or Princess, it doesn’t matter!
Just come and make our lives better!

To Fabio and Luiza. 🙂


Pink dolphin, where are you?
The river is large under the sky blue
Like milk and coffee with chocolate it flows
Feel the wind, how it blows!

The sun so high in the sky
And above us, many brids fly
The nature, wild and free
The whole Rain forest as it should be

Jumping quickly, so fast
I almost lost you shinning bright
Where will you appear next time?
Maybe as a man in a full moon night

The pink dolphin (called “Boto cor-de-rosa” here in Brasil) is like a dolphin, but it lives on Amazonas River. There’s a myth that tells that he transforms himself into a gorgeous man during full moon nights to seduce young maidens. So, when a girl was pregnant and nobody knew who was the father, they used to say that was the Pink Dolphin!


I want my freedom
Please, just go away
I don’t want to see you now
Maybe we will meet someday

There’s a tie that bind us, even after death
I just want to break these chains
Past is far behind and future is ahead
I really want to erase this pain

Nobody belongs to anybody
Why should we be different?
Everything has a price in the end
We have to pay it now, man…

And for sure, it’s high, at least for me
It’s not just a matter of “let it be”
I know you are not aware…
You didn’t noticed it and even don’t care

Love and hate, feelings so close
What is the best or the worst?
It hurts like thorns from a rose
And it haunt me like a f***ing ghost

I just want to have my own peace
I just claim for justice
Please go away and let me go
I don’t want to see you anymore… NO!

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